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Riley’s Wine and Spirits is a community and quality focused liquor store based in Chattanooga, TN. Riley’s Wine strives to offer its customers a unique alcohol-buying experience along with the widest variety of product offerings available anywhere in the locality. The store is one of the oldest and glorious in town that fosters a friendly, warm and consultative environment while keeping both prices and checkout time low.


Riley’s Wine and Spirits is a part of the Harry’s Group. Since its inception in 1991, Harry’s has continuously strived to serve its consumers in the most satisfactory way possible. The second generation of the family-owned chain of Harry’s Stores has not only inherited a business, but a legacy. Having expanded to over 35 stores in Tennessee and Georgia across various sectors like all-inclusive convenience stores, State of the Art Wine and Spirit stores, and specialty tobacco marts, is a testimony for our commitment to our customers day in and day out. Visit your near Harry’s today!